Iconic Yellowstone Duo, Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly, Blaze a Trail of Glory with Critics Choice Super Awards Nominations!

Prepare to be swept off your feet as we dive into the latest electrifying chapter of Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly’s stellar careers! The dynamic duo, known to Yellowstone aficionados as the indomitable John and Beth Dutton, have just scaled the peaks of recognition with their nominations at the prestigious Critics Choice Super Awards. Buckle up, because this is news that’s nothing short of legendary!

This February, the air charged with anticipation as the Critics Choice Association unveils the lineup for the third annual Critics Choice Super Awards. This grand spectacle showers accolades on the most beloved genres in both television and cinema, and in 2023, it’s a star-studded affair featuring Top Gun: Maverick and the enigmatic Stranger Things. But the spotlight couldn’t help but linger on the unforgettable performances of Kevin and Kelly. In a dazzling revelation, the official press release announced Kevin’s contention for the coveted title of Best Actor in an Action Series, Limited Series, or Made-for-TV Movie, while Kelly’s luminous talent lands her squarely in the race for Best Actress in the same sizzling categories.

The Yellowstone universe erupted in a symphony of cheers as fans from across the globe united in celebration of this momentous occasion. The show’s official Instagram page lit up with a heartwarming post on February 25, adorned with captivating images of John and Beth Dutton.

The caption “Congratulations to @kevincostnermodernwest and @mzkellyreilly on their @criticschoice Super Awards nominations! #YellowstoneTV.” The comment section was a frenzy of jubilation, as fans poured in their love and support.

But that’s not all—Kevin couldn’t resist sharing his own elation on Instagram the same day, and his gratitude was palpable. “Thank you to the @ccsuperawards for the nomination 🤠,” he wrote, sparking a tidal wave of applause from his adoring followers.

The reverberations of this fantastic news stretched far beyond the digital realm. The Yellowstone family of fans, a passionate and unwavering legion, took to social media to shower their beloved actors with love and admiration. “Congrats! Truly hope they both win! Very deserving! About time Yellowstone and the actors are getting the recognition they deserve!” cried one fan, echoing the sentiments of countless others. “About time Hollywood recognize these amazing actors. This show and crew have been shunned for way too long. Well deserved,” chimed in another, their words dripping with pride. And then there was this heartwarming gem: “Congratulations to both Kelly and Kevin; they both deserve to win, and I’m sure this will be the year they take the award home ❤️.”

Kevin and Kelly’s nominations are the latest glittering stars in their constellation of achievements during their five-year journey with Yellowstone. Kevin, in particular, recently clinched a Golden Globe, immortalizing his portrayal of the formidable Dutton patriarch. Even though he couldn’t physically attend the ceremony, Kevin shared his jubilation on TikTok, spreading his infectious excitement far and wide, and leaving fans and fellow actors alike in awe of his incredible talent.


Opening a special package from the @goldenglobes for my first TikTok. Thanks for the support everyone. #goldenglobes #johndutton #yellowstone #kevincostner #welcometotiktok #kevincostnermodernwest

♬ original sound – Kevin Costner

This isn’t just news; it’s a monumental celebration of talent, hard work, and the profound connection between a show and its devoted fans. Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly have taken another giant leap toward the stars, and we can’t wait to see where their incredible journeys lead next. Stay tuned for the awards ceremony—it’s bound to be an unforgettable night!

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