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Alia Bhatt named Gucci’s Global Brand Ambassador for empowering the next generation

ByGlimpse Editor

May 14, 2023

Alia Bhatt has achieved the distinction of being recognized as the latest Global Brand Ambassador by the prestigious House of Gucci, for her creative talent in fostering empowerment and self-expression in the next generation. Her appointment as the brand ambassador for Gucci is a testament to her global appeal and influence.

First Indian to be named as Gucci’s Brand Ambassador – Alia Bhatt

Expressing her gratitude for the opportunity, Alia Bhatt stated that she is honored to represent the House of Gucci not only in India but on a global stage. She further added that Gucci’s legacy has always inspired and intrigued her, and she is excited about the many sartorial milestones that they will create together. The actress, producer, and entrepreneur’s association with Gucci is expected to further enhance her already impressive career trajectory.

Alia Bhatt has been a brand ambassador for a few international fashion brands as well, some of which include:

  1. Coach
  2. Prada
  3. Furla
  4. Salvatore Ferragamo

The appointment of Alia Bhatt as Gucci’s latest Global Brand Ambassador highlights her role in empowering and encouraging self-expression in the next generation through her creative talent. Alia expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and is honored to represent Gucci on a global stage, acknowledging the brand’s inspiring legacy. She looks forward to creating new milestones with Gucci. The announcement is accompanied by captivating photography by renowned photographer Mark Seliger, adding to the visual appeal and storytelling of the collaboration.

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